Dr.Vodkatini were formed in the late 90s.
The ten-piece band from Athens, Greece created by a team of experienced musicians who previously serviced the elite of the Greek jazz-soul-funk scene participating in other bands. Their sound is a cocktail (Vodka + Martini = Vodkatini!) consisted of almost all kinds of uplifting black music. Soul, acid jazz, disco, latin, lounge, easy listening..., funk and hip-hop exist together in a modern style blender, but always with a cosmopolitan touch and combined with the philosophy of "bon-viveur"! This general philosophy is what features and differentiates the band from other Greek ones. The good mood, the uplifting music that sends the audience back in time and places & the stylized look, are what feature Dr. Vodkatini.


Out of seasonal trends and labels, the band-collective of Dr.Vodkatini, traversing the eleventh year of life, continues to be one of the most active & attractive and suggestions of "live music" chapter all over Greece combining fun and quality with a unique way.
The live appearances of the band overflow with party power, the "feelgood" atmosphere is more than noticeable and people are always leaving the place ... smiling!
Musically, they perform material from their successful debut album "Indulge In A Big Swig!", songs from their upcoming second album that is coming out in the ends of 2010, and also many favourite "black" hymns of the last 5 decades from Stevie Wonder to Willie Bobo, and from Herbie Hancock to De La Soul as well, with the concepts "fun" "mood for dance" and "good communication with the audience" as the common features!

Theis gigs through recent years are innumerable, and a band has played ... almost everywhere! From the smallest to the biggest clubs in Athens and throughout rest Greece like Thessaloniki, Patra, Aigio, Nafplio, Santorini, Corfu, Skyros, Naxos, Galaxidi, Preveza, Corinth, Kalamata etc. They have also participated in many festivals and concerts, various clubs, bars, beach bars, events, and even private parties, fashion shows, art exhibitions, opening parties, and also next to big Greek and foreign artists such as Mikro, Human Touch, Montefiori Cocktail, Nicola Conte, Salvatore Sango, DC Fontana, etc.


Since 2000, the band works on their own compositions, which have been included in the following releases:

• Course Of Life 12' double A-sided maxi single (on vinyl)
(Prominence Recordings, 2003)
• Vodka Bossa (& remixes) single (CD)
(Prominence Recordings, 2004)
• Indulge In A big Swig! album (CD) (produced by the american nu-funk band/producers "All Good Funk Alliance" (Prominence Recordings, 2007)

and also through participations in the following compilations:

• "Digital Action" (AKMI Production, 2000)
• "A Cocktail Of Chillout Moods And Grooves Vol.2"
Galleraki Bar - Mykonos (Gravity Records, 2001)
• "Hemispheres" (Prominence Recordings, 2005)
• "Nu Hop 2" (Prominence Recordings, 2006)
• "Believe In Sound, Athens Jazz" (Sonik Magazine Production, 2008)
Soon, a compilation tribute to Kostas Tournas (with versions of Tournas songs performed by modern Greek artists) is going to be released, in which Dr.Vodkatini will participate with their very unique version of "De boro na klapso (I cannot cry)."

The band has also their presence on the Greek Cinema, participating on the soundtrack of the film "Tsiou" (director Makis Papadimitratos - 2006) with two original songs. The movie won three awards at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.


The entire work of Dr.Vodkatini during their career so far, has many times attracted a large part of the media. As a result, many Dr.Vodkatini songs have been played on the Greek radio (Best Radio, Kosmos 936, En Lefko, Kiss FM, City FM, Athens Intenational Radio, Republic Radio of Thessaloniki, ERA Kalamatas, Real FM etc.) and abroad (e.g. USA, Germany, Japan), with highlighs A. the entry of the track Call Me in the official Top-10 air-play of En Lefko, the number one jazz/soul/funk radio station in Greece, and B. the live interviews with the band on the same radio station to the famous broadcast producers Dimitris Tzaninis (July 2008) and Gregoris Samourkasoglou (November 2008 - with also mini unplugged 3-piece live playing on air!).

During 2006, Dr.Vodkatini track "Vodka Bossa" had been used in a well-known ad spot on television, in December 2007 MAD TV broadcasted excerpts from one of the best concerts of the band at Technopolis – Gazi Athens, and in September 2008 the band appeared on the TV show "Mad Day Live" of MAD TV.

In December 2009 the band were invited by the top Greek ethnic/jazz radio station Kosmos 936 FM to record 2 song for a big project specifically for the Christmas program of the station, along with the elite of Greek jazz and artistic scene.

In the end, Dr.Vodkatini have appeared many times (via interviews or presentations) at several newspapers, magazines, websites and radio stations ("K" mag of Kathimerini, Nitro, Eleftheros Typos, Ethnos, Free Magazine, Jazz & Jazz, Thess Magazine, Let's Go, Metro, Sonik, Moody, Rock FM, Real FM, Mojo Radio of Patra, ERA of Kalamata, avopolis.gr, mixtape.gr, radioonair.gr, mindradio.gr etc.), while their debut album "Indulge In A Big Swig!" has taken excellent reviews by the press, like Athinorama, Athens Voice, HiTech, Ethnos, Sonik, Ypovrychio etc.


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